You know what to expect from us at Happy Egg Co. We love treating our hens to 8 acres of free range pasture and care from attentive farmers. All our eggs are raised with love!


In honor of that, we recently decided to give our brand a makeover — including repackaging our products — to get everyone excited about what being “raised with love” really means.


Beginning on February 26th, 2018, you’ll see the new look of our website as well as new packaging in stores. We’ll also have some brand new content to share with you online via social media. This is all part of our “Raised with Love” campaign.


Our high standards remain the same. We are still American Humane Certified Free Range, and we continue to go far beyond humane regulations to give our hens play kits and tree cover, an enclosed outdoor watering system, longer outdoor access and more. We call this being Happy Certified.


According to HFAC, the minimum requirement to be Humane Certified® Free Range is to provide 2 square feet of outdoor access per hen. However, we provide 21.8 square feet per hen — 8 acres for the flock on each farm — making our hens The Free-est of the Free Range™.


We are so excited to share our reimagined look with you! Thanks for following Happy Egg, caring about our hens, and buying our lovely eggs. Explore HappyEgg.Co for more on our story, and look for our new packaging in store!


All the best,

Happy Egg Co.