Rogers, Ark, (January 2019) – Happy Egg Co. is proud to announce the arrival of its Free Range Blue & Brown Heritage Breed Eggs, the first of their kind the US market place. The beautiful true blue & chocolaty brown speckled eggs come from two distinct breeds of birds–the Copper Maran and Speckled Legbar. These distinctive eggs have rich amber yolks, a result of the feed, the breeds, and the fact that all Happy Egg hens get some of their diet from the over eight acres of pasture on which they roam. You can now find Heritage Breed Blue & Brown Eggs at select Sprouts, Kroger, Safeway and Publix stores nationwide.


“We are thrilled to be able to offer our most premium product to the US market,” said Alex Kent, Director of Operations of The Happy Egg Co. “We focused our attention on this market niche and on these birds because we felt it was simply uncommon today to see the farmer’s market quality eggs in supermarket aisles.”


Happy Egg Co. also offers regular Free-est of the Free Range and Organic Free-est of the Free Range eggs in 18, 12, and 6 count packages. For locations, customers can use our store locator at Happy Egg 


About Happy Egg Co.:

Headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas, Happy Egg is the pioneer of free range egg farming…and our hens are the Free-est of the Free Range™, roaming free on over eight acres of pasture, which is ten times the space of standard free range farms. As the first free range egg producer to have received the acclaimed American Humane® Association certification, Happy Egg knows that happy hens produce the best possible eggs. That’s why Happy Egg has improved its hens’ welfare, including regulating flock sizes, giving longer outdoor access, providing play kits and tree coverage, giving easy access to outdoor watering systems, and ample room for the hens to dust-bathe, forage, exercise, and roam. For more information, including where to purchase, visit and @HappyEggCoUSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.