(Rogers, AR – January 2019) Happy Egg Co. is proud to announce their Free Range Blue & Brown Heritage Breed Eggs, the first of it’s kind the US market place. You won’t believe your eyes when you see these beautiful true blue & chocolaty brown speckled eggs.


The unique coloring of the shells come from two distinct breeds of birds–the Copper Maran and Speckled Legbar. The first thing you’ll notice after crackin’ in to a Blue or Brown Heritage Breed Happy Egg, is the deep orange amber yolk. The color of the yolk is all-natural and has a rich, creamy taste.

Competitor Commodity Egg vs. Happy Egg Co. Heritage Breed Blue Egg.
Competitor Commodity Egg vs. Happy Egg Co. Heritage Breed Blue Egg.

Founded in 1949, Happy Egg Co. is a household name in the UK, and a leader in the US with their FREE-EST of the Free Range Eggs in the egg and poultry category. The company also offers regular Free-est of the Free Range and Organic Free-est of the Free Range eggs in 18, 12, and 6 count packages. Alex Kent, Director of Operations, The Happy Egg Co. expresses his excitement on the new Heritage Breed Blue & Brown Eggs,

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our most premium product to the US market. For the last 12 years we at Happy Egg have been working with two specialty breeds which have beautiful colored shelled, fantastic shell strength and a delicious tasting yolk. It is why in the UK a very large number of top restaurants in London would choose these over any other product, and it’s why the initial feedback in the US has been so great.

We focused our attention on this market niche and on these birds because we felt it was simply uncommon today to see the farmer market quality eggs that the majority of us would recognize for their taste and quality. Our Heritage Breed brings this to the market.”

All Happy Egg birds get over 8 acres of outdoor pastures to forage across every day. This equates to a whopping 21.8 square feet per hen, making us the only free range egg producer to receive the acclaimed American Humane Certification. This is far more space than the 2.5 feet per bird that is required from “standard free range” producers.

Heritage Breed Happy Egg Co. Hens loving life on over 8 acres of pasture.
Heritage Breed Happy Egg Co. Hens loving life on over 8 acres of pasture.

Happy Egg Co. understands their customers want food that comes from well-loved and cared-for animals, and are excited to continue meeting this need for our customers while bringing them a beautiful, specialty eggs.

You can find Heritage Breed Blue & Brown Eggs available at select retailers nationwide. The quickest way to find out where you can purchase the Heritage line is by using our store location at Happy Egg Co.’s Store Locator.

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