ROGERS, Ark., (April, 2019) – Rogers-based Happy Egg Co. has given one Massachusetts woman free eggs for a year, in exchange for her donation to the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter. The eggs were an incentive to anyone who donated in the “NWA Gives” event, in which donors to the children’s shelter were entered to win 52 dozen Happy Eggs Co. eggs. It was in support of a goal set by the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter to raise $10,000 during “NWA Gives,” which is one dollar for every egg Happy Egg donates to the children’s shelter each year.


In December, Happy Egg Co., announced a partnership with the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter, as part of its ‘Hatch Happiness’ giving program. The free-range egg company vowed to supply the organization with all the eggs needed to provide nutritious meals to more than 400 children annually, which amounts to a monthly gift of 60 dozen eggs.


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About Happy Egg Co.:

Headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas, Happy Egg is the pioneer of free range egg farming…and our hens are the Free-est of the Free Range™, roaming free on over eight acres of pasture, which is ten times the space of standard free range farms. As the first free range egg producer to have received the acclaimed American Humane® Association certification, Happy Egg knows that happy hens produce the best possible eggs. That’s why Happy Egg has improved its hens’ welfare, including regulating flock sizes, giving longer outdoor access, providing play kits and tree coverage, giving easy access to outdoor watering systems, and ample room for the hens to dust-bathe, forage, exercise, and roam. For more information, including where to purchase, visit and @HappyEggCoUSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


About Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter

The Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter is a private, non-profit organization that provides 24-hour residential, emergency triage care for children throughout Arkansas who are victims of abandonment, abuse or neglect. The mission of the organization is to provide a safe haven, high-quality care and hope for the future to children in crisis.