Fayetteville, Ark., (May, 2019) – Cobblestone Farms, a Northwest Arkansas-based nonprofit dedicated to feeding the hungry by growing and donating fresh crops, is now adding free-range eggs to its food offerings. The egg donations are made possible thanks to a gift of 200 hens from Happy Egg Co., a free-range egg company based in Rogers. Happy Egg goes beyond humane standards to create an ecosystem for hens and hard-working family farmers right here in the Ozarks in Arkansas and southern Missouri to flourish and thrive. The gift will enable Cobblestone Farms to donate half of the eggs to hunger relief efforts in Northwest Arkansas, providing a crucial source of protein to families experiencing food insecurity in NWA. The other half of the eggs will be sold in Cobblestone’s Community Supported Agriculture weekly subscription boxes, which help to sustain the nonprofit’s farm so they can continue giving to local food agencies.


“We are so grateful for the generous donation of 200 hens from Happy Egg Co.,” said Laura Brewer, Executive Director and Greenhouse Manager of Cobblestone Farms. “We are thrilled to have a community partner who is committed to addressing the issue of food insecurity in Northwest Arkansas.”


“Happy Egg shares Cobblestone’s vision of helping families and children in our community who need a fresh, nutritional meal,” said Happy Egg Co.’s CEO Dan Arnsperger. “We are passionate about providing a product our customers believe in, and being a company that people in Northwest Arkansas are proud to have as part of their community.”


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About Cobblestone Farms:

Cobblestone Farms is a local nonprofit dedicated to feeding the hungry by donating more than 50% of all farm production back into the community. Our mission is to grow fresh food locally and donate more than half of production to address food insecurity in the Northwest Arkansas Community. We distribute fresh produce from our Fayetteville Farm and Bentonville Greenhouse to local partners, actively changing the way people receive produce to maximize freshness and eliminate waste, and work with community partners to develop programs dedicated to addressing food insecurity. Cobblestone Farms collaborates

with various local food agencies to reach those struggling to meet basic needs and offer access to healthy food. For more information please go to www.cobblestonefarms.org.



About Happy Egg Co.:

Headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas, Happy Egg is the pioneer of free range egg farming…and our hens are the Free-est of the Free Range™, roaming free on over eight acres of pasture, which is ten times the space of standard free range farms. As the first free range egg producer to have received the acclaimed American Humane® Association certification, Happy Egg knows that happy hens produce the best possible eggs. That’s why Happy Egg has improved its hens’ welfare, including regulating flock sizes, giving longer outdoor access, providing play kits and tree coverage, giving easy access to outdoor watering systems, and ample room for the hens to dust-bathe, forage, exercise, and roam. For more information, including where to purchase, visit https://happyegg.co/store-locator/ and @HappyEggCoUSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.